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About us
a1qa is a pure-play QA and software testing company. Since 2003, we have been helping global customers, both Fortune 500 enterprises and mid-size organizations, deliver top-rate software products and create exceptional end-user experience.
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Our mission
We raise QA above the level

Our goal is to demonstrate the importance and value of the independent QA as we care about the reputation of the service we provide.

We develop innovative strategies and contribute to the development of testing tools for new business areas.

We help our clients evaluate not only their products’ quality but also the maturity of their internal processes and professional level of their QA teams.

Day to day, we help QA specialists become professionals by providing comprehensive training programs in our proprietary QA Academy across the globe.

We bring value to our clients

When doing our job, we focus on what’s important – on the client, on their business, on their product – rather than our contract terms.

We care about the established client objectives, and we are determined to help them achieve these objectives.

We give people a profession

We are not recruiters. We are eager to train talented candidates with no work experience in our QA Academy.

We generate employment opportunities and let candidates gain valuable practical experience in one of the fastest-growing industries.

What we do
We commit to high-quality results

We set high standards for both ourselves and those around us as we do care about the high-quality output. Our understanding and assurance of how to do things the right way is based on experience.

We complete what we committed to, even if it requires additional time and effort. We openly face and discuss issues; we keep pace and find a solution. We admit our mistakes freely and honestly and do not repeat them.

We are providers of the independent QA – nothing impacts our judgment.

We work with passion

We are proud of what we do every day, and we get inspired by those we work with.

We are fully engaged in our duties as we truly love our job.

We produce impressive work results and strive to make them even better.

We progress ourselves and help others advance

We are constantly improving our expertise and learning from our experiences.

We respond to challenges and take on complex tasks.

We help our employees to unlock their potential. We create conditions for their professional growth and share gained experience within the company.

We foster the culture of proactivity and give opportunities for the development of new professional areas.

We work hard and also enjoy leisure time together

We spend a lot of time at work, but we don’t just work here.

We are both colleagues and

friends: we close deals and pitch campsites together.

We trust each other: we are confident during tough negotiations and in a kayak on a wild river.

We support and promote employees’ hobbies and interests among colleagues, thus #a1qaismorethanajob

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